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Max's Garage Press Studio Membership

As a studio member, you gain access to all of the resources we offer in our community space, and can use them within your skill set.


Volunteer monitors keep the studio open approximately seven days a week, from noon to 9pm. A monitor will always be present when you come in. Our monitors have different areas of expertise, and their main responsibility is to help keep the space open and to maintain a safe, productive environment. The studio is run 100-percent by volunteers.

We close studio access each year in early December for our annual Print Sale and re-open in early-to-mid January.


Monthly membership costs $60 and requires a debit or credit card to join. You can stop your membership at any time upon request. 


TO GET STARTED: Get in Touch to sign up for an orientation, which takes about 20 minutes. After your orientation is complete, we can enroll you as a member, and grant you studio access.


*Being a member does not automatically give you free range to use equipment you do not know how to use.*  Previous experience is needed before use. We will be present the first time you use any equipment in the space to make sure you are fully oriented to our setup.


After three months of active membership, studio members can request and receive a flat file, cubby, or bin storage. Exceptions may be made sooner, if necessary.


MEMBERSHIP RESOURCES: -3 Risograph RZ machines, each with computer interface (max print 11”x17”) -13 Risograph ink color drums -Tabletop guillotine -Saddle-stitch pedal stapler -Hot glue perfect binder -Screenprinting: darkroom, emulsion, scoop coaters, squeegees, spatulas, vacuum table, washout booth, power washer, tape, cleanup sponges/scrubs -Relief printing: presses, oil-based relief inks, cleanup chemicals, barens, rollers, brayers, ink knives -Lithography: stones, litho press, drawing materials, etch/roll-up/cleanup chemicals, cheesecloths, graining supplies, litho ink, leather roller, rollers, brayers, ink knives -Intaglio: presses, ferric acid, aquatint box, etching ink, brayers, cleanup chemicals, tarlatans, blotters -Wax paper, transfer paper -Computers with Photoshop, Illustrator -Scanner (9x12”) -Hole Punch for pin registration -Lasercutter (can be used under supervision, not independently) -Library of books on printmaking -Drying racks -Cutting mat, tear bars, rulers -Wifi

WE OFFER AT ADDITIONAL COST: -Transparencies for screenprinting (we can print a 13x19” sheet for you for $5) -Risograph printing: $0.08 per print & $0.20 per stencil - Selection of cover paper for Riso printing -Paper for traditional printmaking (Cream and White Arches BFK 22x30” sheets)

WHAT YOU NEED TO BRING: -Paper for risograph printing -Paper for traditional printmaking -Newsprint for traditional printmaking -Woodblocks, linoleum blocks -Carving tools for relief printing -Copper plates -Screens -Screenprinting ink -Mylar, acrylic, monotype matrices, etc -Gloves for cleanup (solvent-grade) -Cotton rags (ideally soft, absorbent 100% cotton, such as bedsheets) -Tracing paper -Apron


2023 Berkeley Riso Color Chart smaller 2.jpg


Traditional Printmaking





River City Graphic


Hida Tool



Takach Press


Photographers Formulary


Douglas & Sturgess

Tap Plastic

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