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Max Stadnik & Sanaa Khan_edited.jpg

Photo by Kale Chesney

Max's Garage Press, located in Berkeley, California, was founded in 2011 by Max Stadnik & Sanaa Khan.

We aim to preserve the art of stone lithography by printing artist editions, and by making our equipment and materials available to artists. We’re dedicated to keeping printmaking affordable and accessible by offering membership and classes through our community print shop.


Our studio has resources for lithography, intaglio, woodcut, screen printing, bindery, Risograph, laser cutting and more.

For any inquiry about our services, or general questions, get in touch




Max Stadnik was named after his grandfather, a Ukrainian immigrant. After surviving the Holodomor, walking to Germany during the winter that Hitler lost the war, and escaping from a concentration camp, he took the Queen Mary from England to America. Sponsored by his wife's uncle Smiley in Bolinas, California, he settled in Marin County and built Max's Garage automotive shop.


In 2011 Max & Sanaa moved into Max's Garage auto shop and started building a printing press, giving it the name “Max's Garage Press.” In 2012 they relocated to Berkeley, where the press currently resides.

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