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Max Stadnik & Vladimir Schuster 2023

We are proud owners and operators of this Mailänder Flatbed Offset Press, which was built in 1968 and generously donated to Max’s Garage Press by Trillium Graphics in 2022. We have worked hard with the expert guidance of Thomas Goglio, the original press operator & print artist, to restore, modify, and update this state-of-the-art press.

This Mailänder is designed as the ultimate litho press. With two adjustable flatbeds, it can accommodate both plate and stone. Not only can it print at a maximum size of 40x50 inches, but with its adjustable paper bed, it can also print onto materials up to one-inch thick.

Its water and ink mill can sponge and ink automatically and produce a high-quality print every 25 seconds.


The unique design of this press allows it to print a range of mediums in addition to lithographs, including woodblock, monoprint, and letterpress.



In order to lower the height of the press bed to accommodate litho stones, we shaved off about 2 inches of the body of the press, thus giving it the capacity to hold a 3.5-inch stone.

We worked with accomplished printmaker and electrician, Vladimir Schuster, to increase the functionality of the press far beyond its original 1968 design. Schuster updated the electronics to modern equivalents, building a custom control box with computer controller, and adding custom programming, laser light-safety switches, new control panels, and pneumatic paper gripper. These improvements preserve the strengths of the original press while enhancing operational ease and flexibility.


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